Ski tours conquering summits and powder snow

Ski touring has slowly but surely become the number 1 on-trend winter sport. Anyone who has ambitions in this sport, will scale the mountains under their own steam, then leave fresh tracks in the virgin slopes. It is as if the Hohe Tauern region was just made for ski touring and it is home to the best known and most sought-after ski touring stomping grounds in the Eastern Alps.

Ski tourers start out early …

… when the valley is still in its deep wintry slumber. It is still semi-dark outside and only the highest summits are already set in an attractive light by the rising sun. It is a bitterly cold winter day and you can see your own breath. The morning scene opens up – it looks set to be a superb winter day in the Hohe Tauern National Park region, one perfect for classic ski tours amid impressive natural surroundings.

Where to? The choice is huge

Around the Großglockner a high level of expertise and experience is required to ensure a ski tour is fun. Here you head up high on steep terrain and this is best done with a mountain guide. The Goldberg group is somewhat to the east of the Großglockner, where well-known names from the ski touring scene meet. Right at the border with Salzburg, ski tour dreams come true, not only with the firn snow in spring but also when the conditions are good in the depths of winter, genuine powder snow delights await.

Secret areas and pleasure tours

The peaks in the Goldberg Group are not only eye-catchers, they are real classics and popular ski touring destinations. Nevertheless, the Sonnblick tour from Heiligenblut through the Fleißtal is almost an insider tip.
Wild and aloof seem at first sight, the two Zirknitztäler in the upper Mölltal. Here, however, hides an attractive tour area, which is second to none. Skitourengipfel and dream slopes recognize “gourmets” immediately, as soon as you have reached the mountain basin above the Asten, the highest mountain village in Carinthia, where the Sadnighaus is an ideal starting point for tours.
In the Mittlere Mölltal, the Goldberg Group unfolds its full ski-tour appeal once again, making the heart of every ski tourer beat faster. Not so well known, but not less appealing, are the ski summits of the Kreuzeck group, especially in the Staller Wölla or at Emberger Alm (Drautal).
Although the wind is the master builder of avalanches, in Mallnitz and Obervellach you can choose from a multitude of recommended and quite avalanche-resistant touring destinations even in the height of winter.
Once the snowpack has solidified into a compact firn carpet under the warming spring sunshine, a whole series of magnificent high-altitude tours opens around the Ankogel. If you leave the summit at the right time, you will be able to experience the dream of a firn run. Thanks to the Ankogel cable car and the other mountain railways in the region, only short climbs await you, followed by seemingly endless descents

Ski tour highlights in the Hohen Tauern

  1. Brennkogel: 10,6 km, 800 hm, ca. 3 h: MODERATE
  2. Johannisberg – Glocknergruppe: 17,9 km, 1.300 hm, ca. 7 h: MODERATE
  3. Hocharn über Krumlkees: 22,8 km, 2.100 hm, ca. 8 h: DIFFICULT
  4. Sadnig – Goldberggruppe: 18,3 km, 1.650 hm, ca. 7 h: DIFFICULT
  5. Kolmkarspitze: 11,8 km, 1.000 hm, ca. 3,5 h: EASY
  6. Zoppspitze: 15.7 km, 1.500 hm, ca. 4 h: MODERATE
  7. Ofenspitze: 12,9 km, 1.350 hm, ca. 5 h: DIFFICULT
  8. Naßfeldriegel – Kreuzeckgruppe: 2 km, 500 hm, ca. 1 1/4 H: EASY
  9. And, what is your highlight ski tour?

TIP We do NOT start without a safety check first  


  • Are your skis, bindings and ski shoes safe
  • Avalanche probe – is everything still working?
  • Avalanche shovel – not rusted?
  • Avalanche transceiver unit – are the batteries still charged?
  • Avalanche transceiver unit – check before every tour
  • Avalanche rucksack – is the trigger system still working?
  • Awareness – is everyone aware of what is to be done?
  • First Aid kit, plenty of food and drink?
  • Expertise – does everyone know where the tour is going?
  • What does your pre-ski tour safety check comprise?

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